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Honeybourne Mouldings manufacture fully assembled hardtops, heavy duty glassfibre Wings, Bonnets, Spoilers, Valances, Hardtops, Boot Lids and Sebring Kits for your MG.
MGA MGB works MGB wraparound
Fibreglass Panels and Prices for MG:

MGA Front Wing £120.00
MGA Rear Wing £110.00
MGA Front Valance Standard £50.00
MGA Front Valance Sebring £60.00
MGA Front Valance Sebring + cut-outs *new item* £70.00
MGA Hardtop Works Style, black
MGA Hardtop Works Style, white

MGB GT Front Wing (chrome bumper) £117.00
MGB Roadster Front Wing (chrome bumper) £117.00
MGB Roadster Rear Wing (inc beading) £100.00
MGB GT Sebring Wing Kit (4 Piece) £430.00
MGB Roadster Sebring Wing Kit (4 piece) £430.00
MGB to fit Kit only Sebring Front Valance  £85.00
MGB GT & Roadster Sebring Front Wing £135.00
MGB GT & Roadster Sebring Rear Wing £80.00
MGB Bonnet + Internal inc captive nuts £150.00
MGB Bonnet Shell + bracing £105.00
MGB RV8 Bonnet + Internal       £180.00
MGB RV8 Bonnet Shell + bracing £120.00
Costello Bonnet + Internal POA
MGB Bootlid + Internal £130.00
MGB Bootlid Shell + bracing £85.00
MGB GT Tailgate + Internal £157.00
MGB GT Tailgate Shell £112.00
MGB GT Tailgate + Internal + Spoiler £175.00
MGB GT Tailgate Shell + spoiler £130.00
MGB Door + Internal £180.00
MGB Front Valance (plain) £42.00
MGB Front Valance (with cut-outs) £47.00
MGB Front Spoiler with Lamp Holes £67.00
MGB Front ST Spoiler £58.00
MGB Front Le Spoiler (black) £58.00
MGB STD Sebring Front Valance + air ducts £75.00
MGB STD Sebring Front Valance no air ducts £60.00
MGB Sebring Rear Valance C/B £63.00
MGB Sebring Rear Valance R/B £63.00
MGB GT Rear Tailgate Spoiler £59.00
MGB Roadster Rear Boot Spoiler £59.00
MGB Sebring Air Ducts (pair) £45.00
MGB Radio Speaker Console 3 sync £50.00
MGB Radio Speaker Console 4 sync £50.00
MGB Works Style Hardtop black
MGB Works Style Hardtop white

MGC Bonnet + Internal incl captive nuts £170.00
MGC Bonnet Shell + bracing £115.00

MGF Racing Style Hardtop black
MGF Racing Style Hardtop white
MGF Trophy Spoiler £75.00

Midget/Sprite Mk.2/3 Front Wing £103.00
Midget Mk4 Front Wing Rubber Bumper £103.00
Midget Front End Standard £310.00
Midget Front End Race Style (flared arches) £360.00
Midget Front End Retro Style £450.00
Midget Bonnet + Internal inc captive nuts £150.00
Midget Bonnet Shell + bracing £105.00
Midget Bootlid + Internal £130.00
Midget Bootlid Shell £85.00
Midget Front Lower Valance (plain) £40.00
Midget Front Spoiler £55.00
Midget Radio Console £50.00
Midget mk 1 & Sprite mk 2, Hardtop Works Style, black
Midget mk 1 & Sprite mk 2, Hardtop Works lStyle, white
Midget Hardtop Midget mk 3 '66, Works Style, black £525.00
Midget Hardtop Midget mk 3 '66, Works Style, white

Midget Hardtop Midget mk 3 '66, Wrap Round, black
Midget Hardtop Midget mk 3 '66, Wrap Round, white


Frogeye Front End  £335.00
Frogeye Rear End £335.00
Frogeye Doors + Internal  (each) £120.00
Frogeye Dashboard RHD Only £75.00
Frogeye Hardtop Frogeye & Sprite mk 1, Works Style, black
Frogeye Hardtop Frogeye & Sprite mk 1, Works Style, white

Prices do not include postage and packing. Prices shown are collection only from our workshop. For up to date postage/courier prices please call or email us. Honeybourne Mouldings have the right to alter prices without notice. Call us NOW for the very latest prices.
MG fibreglass panels
Honeybourne Mouldings
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